Sunday, April 25, 2010

Piazza San Marco in Venice

I like the emptiness, with the modern round tables in their plain form and the chairs with their steel support dominating the bottom half of the picture, while the top is filled with culture and history that we can only imagine through tourist brochures and books. Just standing there alone on the otherwise crowded square was an experience worth waiting for.

Picture #1 Exposure Program Manual
F-stop f/16
Exposure time 10sec
Focal length 21mm
Date September 13th 2007

Our Northern Italy trip was our honeymoon. We only had one tripod, so we decided that the night shots would be mine, while my wife took the early morning shots. On the left hand side we see part of the Campanile and the Clock Tower. In the middle, St. Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace on the right hand side. For those, very familiar with Venize, I can mention that I am standing at the Piazzetta, with a view towards the Piazza San Marco.

Here is a link to the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

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  1. E helt utrolig til fotoblogg du har da :-) helmax!