Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birds out of Focus

I should actually call this "The Best of the Worst", because I do like this picture even though it's not in focus. My wife had been taking pictures of these ducks for a while when I arrived. She had already got her shots from this distance and was moving in. Before I was aware of what was happening, the ducks were on the move. I hadn't even got around to play with the camera settings yet.

Exposure Program - Aperture Priority
F-stop 5
Exposure time 1/40 sec
ISO - 400
Focal length 50mm
Date - Nov 29, 2010

Nidelva ved Nedre Leirfossen, Trondheim in -15 celcius / 5 fahrenheit

Friday, November 12, 2010


One good thing about having a dog is that you sometimes end up stopping the car at places you otherwise would have driven past. At one of our pit stops, we ended up at a small harbor which seemed to have been deserted for decades. It was a mecca for odd things to take pictures off.

Even though there is nothing wrong with the original, I did play around with Photoshop to bring out the color just a bit. I also just had to try this one in b/w.. and I really don't know which one I like the best.

Exposure program - Normal
F-stop 6.3
Exposure time 1/200
ISO - 400
Focal length 70mm
Date September 7, 2010

Hitra, half an hour's drive from the cabin.