Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cruiseship in Flåm

This picture was taken on July 13th 2009 on our way from Bergen. We had just passed Flåm on highway E16 when we saw this cruiseship. It was so unreal, because when we first saw her, I was not aware that we were driving next to a fjord. So for me, it was like seing this huge ship standing stranded on a farmers field between huge mountains.

Taking the picture with the old red boathouse on the lefthand side gave the picture a good contrast between old and new which I liked. It was also raining, and in afterthought, I wish I had been able to somehow hold the camera nearer the waters edge while taking the picture.
Picture #1 Automatic
F-stop f/9
Exposure time 1/200
Focal length 18mm

This picture has on April 15th 2010, been entered into the National Geographic Channel Photo Competition with a theme over Norwegian Nature.


  1. Nå har jeg sett gjennom bildene dine. Mye bra! Noen favoritter lenger ned her, gutten i båten og hurtigruta ved Munkholmen. Kommer gjerne igjen hit.

  2. My colleague and I love this photo. Great contrast like you said, and timing! To be there at that moment...

  3. WOW what a nice picture !!!!