Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bird in the middle (Corvus cornix)

I had to climb a little, to get this bird inside the little sunspot on this cold day in May. And then I had to wait until his buddy flew away. He was sitting a little further up and had the dark cloudy sky as background. Even though the distance between the bird and myself was quite far, I decided to use the flash, gambling that I might get a glimpse of his eye. And I did.

Exposure Program - Normal(Automatic)
F-stop, f/5.6
Exposure 1/60
Focal length 300

I used my wifes camera for this shot, a Canon 450D


  1. Skikkelig stilig komponert, og flott resultat.
    Prikken over I'n, var vel glimtet i øyet.
    Fin kveld videre :)